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Leisure in Vorzel

Vorzel - it is a beautiful, cozy village in the Kiev area surrounded by forest with clean air and pleasant temperate climate. The local oak, pine and birch forests occupy 750 hectares, and the whole territory of the climatic and other healing features recognized equally famous Kislovodsk. Clean and fresh air makes Vorzel very attractive to people who want to improve their health, especially for people with cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases.

Vorzel has a number of attractions, mostly natural. The main ones are: "Birch Guy", "tulip tree", "Uvarov house", numerous forest reserves of local importance. Through Vorzel also flows a small river Rokach. On this river is "Vorzelsky lakes." There are several restaurants, beach and park.

In Vorzel located residential complex "GreenPark" , which has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Suburban residential complex "GreenPark" embodies the dreams of people who after intensive city life dream to plunge into a paradise earth where nothing will burden their stay, because in Vorzel live well for those who love the woods and silence. Vorzel reminds Pushcha-voditsu with its spas, only without the trams and other characteristic signs of what lurks around the metropolis: the same quiet streets, hidden under the canopy of tall oaks and pines houses.

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