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irisHotels - Hotel in Prague

irisHotels hotel in Prague

The hotel «irisHotels» in Prague offers cozy and comfortable apartments, fully equipped with new furniture and all the necessary appliances, with a newly designed interior, conforming to the highest quality standards. You may enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Czech capital from the windows of the stylish apartments.

Every year the medieval beauty of Prague attracts an on-growing number of tourists. Thousands of holiday-makers come to the "city of a hundred spires" aspiring to enjoy the incredible scenery and the architectural monuments, plunge into an indescribable atmosphere of Prague. No wonder the city is called "mystical" as every house, every street has a unique history and legend, because this place was the seat of Czech kings and emperors for a long time. The capital of the Czech Republic is saturated with sincerity and warmth, tales about ghosts and spirits, the city seems to be completely enveloped in the extraordinary aura and keeps the ordinances of the past millennia. Gothic castles, ancient bridges, towers, churches and temples that tower over the city – all these elements give the impression of a fabulous fairyland, which makes everyone fall in love with it at first sight and want to come back again and again to dive into her enchanting ambience. Everything is imbued with the breath of history. Thanks to its attractions the Czech capital is included by UNESCO in the list of the world cultural heritage.

The city has many landmarks, beautiful fountains, magnificent bridges and other structures, which unify the atmosphere of different millennia: from classical and gothic architecture to Baroque and contemporary modern. Even the locals are proud of their city and admire its beauty. We advise everyone, who come to visit Prague, to see the main attractions of the Czech capital, such as the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Strahov Monastery, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and others. You will enjoy the wonderful Prague gardens and parks that reveal a beautiful view of the city, restaurants, cafes and pubs that preserve the traditions of the centuries, as well as one of Europe's best two-tier zoo, where you can walk all day long. Lovers of outdoor activities are encouraged to visit the water parks of the Czech capital.